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The  Town of Stavely is a thriving tow of around 500 residents and growing monthly! We are located about halfway between Calgary and Lethbridge on Highway No. 2. Situated in what Stavelyites like to think of as Alberta's "Banana Belt", it is an ideal ranching and farming area with rolling prairies to the east and foothills to the west. The Town is located in the Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26, in Southern Alberta. It is 104 km. from Calgary and Lethbridge. 

Although small in numbers, the people of Stavely and area are proud of their friendliness and community spirit.

The Town was named for Alexander Staveley Hill, Managing Director of the Oxley Ranching Company which was formed in 1882. With the influx of settlers, the box-car stop and tent-town progressed to the status of a village in 1903 and to a town in 1912 - and now 100 years old!

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Website Updates

All groups, businesses and services that wish to update their listings must contact the administrator directly and the minimum charge is $30, depending on updates required. A billing address is also required with each request. Thank you for your assistance with this ongoing process.


Stavely Camp Ground

Campground rates are $25/night. “No Reservations”


Business Licenses are due in January of each calendar year. Rates are:


In Town:  $30.00


Home Occupations:  $45.00


Regional:  An additional $80.00

Dog licenses are also due in January of each calendar year.  All dogs over 3 months of age must be licensed. New Revised Bylaw! Rates are:


Sterilized:  $20.00 (After January 31st $30)


Unsterilized:  $35.00 (After January 31st $45)


Town Map for Visitors


E-Waste: Please leave any e-waste unbagged in the alley for pickup.


Garbage Pickup Days: Garbage is picked up during the day on Mondays. Please have your garbage placed in animal proof containers first thing in the morning. In the event Monday is a holiday, garbage pickup will be the following day.


Recycling: Facilities for cardboard, tin, glass, paper and plastic are located southwest of the post office. Please flatten clean cardboard and remove lids from glass jars. Newspaper, magazines and paper can be placed in the same recycling bin. Please do not contaminate containers by placing the wrong items in the wrong containers.


Fireworks Fund: Empty cans, bottles and juice boxes can be left in the white building directly behind the cardboard recycling. Thanks to everyone for donating.


Email us at Don't forget to come back often as we're a busy little community!

 Phase III lots have been SOLD! If you are interested in future sales and developments please contact the Town Office at 403-549-3761.


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