Demolition Permit

Supporting Documentation for Demolition / Removal

A development permit is required to demolish or remove a building or structure from a site. The demolition/removal permit process ensures that buildings are dismantled and removed in a safe manner and that the land will be left in a suitable state after removal. 

Structure(s) to be removed

Description of building/structure(s) _______________________________________________________


Type of Work Removal to another site (no demolition)           Demolition of building/structure

Building size _____________________

Height of Building _____________________

Demolition Plan

Time Frame Expected start date: ____________ Expected completion date: __________

Method of Demolition Manual

Heavy Equipment

Other (specify)

Dump site location ________________________________________________________________

**Note:  Construction debris should be dumped in an approved certified site whenever possible. If that is not possible, approval must be obtained from Alberta Environment. **

Name of Contractor responsible for demolition/removal _______________________________________


Disconnection of all services including (if applicable):

Signature of agency verifying services disconnected

Electrical power _____________________________________

Natural Gas _____________________________________

Oil lines ______________________________________

Telephone cables ______________________________________

Communication cables _______________________________________

Water lines _______________________________________

Storm and Sanitary sewer _______________________________________

Septic _______________________________________

On-site consultation with Public Works Foreman. The applicant shall schedule a consultation with the public works foreman a minimum of 48 hours prior to demolition or removal commencing to determine the state of the affected public property.

Final plan for property after building removed or demolished and reclamation complete. As applicable:

Copy of grading plans if property will be vacant after removal or demolition.

Complete development application for new development where building is being replaced

A completed development application. This form shall accompany a complete development application with the consent of the registered owner and any other required documentation.

Application Fee and any applicable deposit or security required payable to the Town of Stavely.

Construction / Development Management plan required by the Town of Stavely.

** NOTE: A building permit is also required before proceeding with demolition.


Date: ________________________________ Signed: ___________________________

Applicant/ Registered Owner