Development Application

Application for a Development Permit

Application No. __________

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This application does not permit you to begin this development until such time as a development permit has been issued by the development authority. Please read carefully the Important Notes at the end of this application.

Applicant Information

Applicant: ______________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________ Telephone No: ________________

Applicants Interest if not the registered owner: __________________________________________

Registered owner of land concerned: ________________________________________________

Property Information

Legal Description: ___________________________________________________________________

Existing use: ________________________________________________________________________

Proposed Development: Residential ____________Commercial ________________ New___________

Addition _______________ Remodel _____________________Other__________________________

Proposed setbacks: Front_______________ Rear ________________ Sides _____________________

Proposed Landscaping: Front______________ Rear _________________ Sides __________________

Off-Street Parking: # of spaces ______________________ Location ___________________________

Details of Proposed Development (Where applicable)

Footings ________________ Interior Finishing ____________ Heating __________________

Foundation ______________ Roofing Material ____________ Plumbing _________________

Structure ________________ Lighting ____________________ Floor area ________________

Exterior Finish ____________ Other Details _________________________________________

Construction Value of Proposed Development

Labor Value $ _____________________ FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

Material Cost $ ____________________ PERMIT FEE $

Total Project Value $ ________________

Project Planning : Additional Permits and Approvals

Estimated Commencement date: ______________Estimated Completion Date: ____________

  Building permit Electrical permit

Plumbing permit Gas permit

Alberta Health services Alberta transportation

Other; specify: _________________________________________________________________


I certify that I am the registered owner or that the registered owner(s) of the land described above is aware of this application and the information given on this form is complete and is, to the best of my knowledge, a true statement of the facts in relation to the application. Further, I have read and understand the terms noted and herby apply for permission to carry out the development described above and on attached plans and specifications.

DATE: _________________________________ SIGNED: _______________________________


SIGNED: _______________________________

Registered owner


Every application for a development permit shall be accompanied by the following information (if applicable):

a site plan, in duplicate, showing: the registered legal boundaries, the location of any proposed development and any existing development, and proposed grades in relation to surrounding property, and provisions for off-street loading and parking facilities;

floor plans and elevations and sections;

Every application for a permit shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee as listed in Appendix A.

All plans submitted for the erection, enlargement or alterations must meet or exceed Alberta Safety Codes, please contact a Town of Stavely Safety Codes Officer for more details; Park Enterprises Ltd (Permit & Inspection Services) @ 1-800-621-5440

An application for a Permit shall, at the opinion of the applicant, be deemed to be refused when a decision thereon is not made within (40) days after receipt of the application in its complete and final form by the Development Officer and the applicant may appeal as provided for in Section 684 of the Municipal Government Act, as though he or she had received refusal at the end of the forty day period.

Personal information collected on this form is collected in accordance with Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please note that such information may be made public. If you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of the personal information provided, please contact the Chief Administrative Officer at Box 249 Stavely, AB T0L 1Z0 or phone 403-549-3761. 

Sketch of Proposed Development

Please provide a sketch of the proposed development. Be sure to include the location of the proposed development compared to the location of any existing buildings, the location of other structures on the subject property with distances from property lines, and the dimensions of the proposed development.