Municipal enforcement services within the Town of Stavely are currently provided by the MD of Willow Creek's Community Peace Officer Team.  The team works in conjunction with the Claresholm RCMP Detachment to ensure the safety of property within the appropriate jurisdictions.

The role of Community Peace Officer is appointed by the Alberta Soliciter General and Public Security under the Peace Officer Act and Oaths of Office Act.  The Community Peace Officer is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of Municipal bylaws, Provincial Statutes, investigations of infractions and damage of Town property, and insuring proactive policing.  The Community Peace officer currently enforces:

All Bylaws in the Town of Stavely such as: 

Bylaw # 734 Traffic Bylaw
Bylaw # 736 Community Standards
Bylaw # 761 Animal Control Bylaw
Bylaw # 829 Ammendment to Animal Control Bylaw #761

For further inquiries regarding Municipal Bylaws, please contact the MD of Willow Creek Municipal Enforcement team by telephone 1-855-625-2248.

Bylaw Issues or Concerns

Complainant Phone Line: 1-855-625-2248


When you have a bylaw issue or concern please contact the number above.  Once your call is received by the dispatch, all pertinent information is collected and a report is created.  The dispatch officer will assess the call and forward the report to the next available Peace Officer on Duty.

Please be advised that you cannot make an anonymous complaint or a third party complaint.


Municipal Enforcement is responsible for enforcing bylaws, to protect people and property and to preserve and maintain the public peace.  The Town of Stavely Peace Officer key responsibilities include:

  • Ensure public compliance with various Town Bylaws
  • Provide information and interpretation of Municipal Bylaw and Provincial Statute requirements to Town Residents
  • Administer Town Bylaws
  • Support and promote the mission, goals, objectives, policies and procedures of the Town of Stavely
  • Education by awareness campaigns
  • Assist in public safety programs
  • Deal with complaints and inquires
Prepare all necessary documents for prosecution of offenders including summons, subpoenas, witness statements, and court briefs

In case of Emergency please call 911

Bylaw Complaint Form

Confidentiality Issues

If persons request the Town of Stavely disclosure of personal information about them in complaints (and responses to the complaints) under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, it shall be the policy of the Town of Stavely to refuse disclosure under Section 22 of the Act (Law Enforcement: Public Bodies may withhold information that would harm a law enforcement matter) unless consent is obtained from the person who supplied the information and who would otherwise be assured of confidentiality under this policy.  The Town of Stavely, however, is subject to orders issued by the information and Privacy Commissioner under the Act and will not necessarily appeal an order for disclosure.