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 For any questions or concerns regarding these notices or anything else, please contact the Town Office at 403-549-3761.

Bottle Shed

Just a quick reminder to residents -- the bottles and recyclables that go into the bottle shed are for the benefit of the entire community.  Our fireworks display cannot take place without these generous donations.  All funds raised will be used in purchasing our fireworks for our fireworks show that is put on every five years. 

Please note that the items that are accepted at the Town recycling area are:  CLEAR glass; CLEAN tin cans; Clean paper; Clean cardboard, (**please flatten cardboard boxes before putting in bin due to container size**); CLEAN plastics; e-waste (bin located by paper/plastic recycling bins).  For further information on what is acceptable, please contact the Town Office.  Large items can be held by the resident and the Town will take them during its Spring and Autumn Clean Up.  Large items should NOT be left at the Recycling area during regular weekly clean up.  Such items are stoves, cupboards, fridges, water coolers, etc.  These items are accepted at the Landfill, costs hours and days open are also available at the Town Office. 

Local Landfill

Willow Creek Regional Landfill is located Southeast of Claresholm on Township Road 114.

Effective April 1, 2015

Hours: Monday - Tuesday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

            Wednesday           Closed

            Thursday - Friday  9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

            Saturday                2nd & 4th Saturday of the month

                                          May to October 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

                                          Last load 11:30 a.m.

            Sunday                  Closed

            Statutory Holidays Closed

Please note that the Landfill could be closed due to inclement weather without notice!  Fees:  Contact the Landfill at 403-687-2603

Garbage:  The Town will pick up 4 (four) bags of garbage from each residence per week.  If you have extra garbage, the Town will haul it away for $2.00 per bag (tags can be purchased at the Town Office).  Please make sure your garbage is in an animal proof container so that it is not spread around.  Pick up days are every Monday for all residences and every Thursday for town businesses. 

Compost:  Starting in April, Public works will be pleased to pick up your compost material at no additional charge.  Compost materials must be bagged in clear bags which can be purchased at the Stavely Grocery Store.  The compost site will also be open on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for residents who wish to haul their own.   The Town will also pick up branches that are bundled in 4' lengths.  The Compost Site will be open one week in the Spring and one week in the Fall for general cleanup.  Check the local newsletter for dates. 

Business licenses are due by January 31 of each calendar year

Rates are as follows: 

In Town                                 $30.00

Home Occupations               $45.00

Regional: an additional         $80.00

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are due in January of each calendar year.  All dogs over three months of ages must be licensed.  New Revised Bylaw.

Rates are as follows:

Sterilized:                            $20.00 (after Jan. 31 - $30.00)

Un-sterilized:                       $35.00  (after Jan. 31 - $45.00)

The lower rate will also apply to newcomers and/or new dogs for a month.

Town Map for Visitors and/or Newcomers

Remember to check our Monthly Bulletin and Calendar for what is happening for what is happening in Stavely!!

Water Restrictions & Watering Schedule

Residents on the North & East sides of the street - water on Wednesdays & Sundays

Residents on the South & West sides of the street - water on Tuesdays & Saturdays

No watering on Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays - This gives the pumps time to rest

No watering between the hours of 12:00 Noon and 5:00 p.m.

Your co-operation is appreciated.


Spring is just around the corner (hopefully) and we want to help make it easier for you to get rid of unnecessary household items and help make Stavely a clean, beautiful, clutter free town.  Starting April 17 (late this year due to SNOW) and every Tuesday after until May 15, Public works will pick up general and construction waste in addition to regular garbage -- items for this pick up may be set out on Mondays.  PLEASE NOTE - every effort will be made to have non-household garbage items picked up on the Tuesday but items may not be picked up until later in the week.


Furniture -- couches, dressers, desks, chairs, tables

Appliances -- dryers, washer toaster, refrigerators, freezers, a/c units (a fee will apply to any appliance containing FREON)


"Other" -- or construction waste (should be no more than 75 lbs and no longer than 6' to accommodate the Town garbage truck)


Organic waste, toxic waster and electronics

Electronics are still accepted and can be placed in the bin located next to the recycling bin trailer.  Tree branches and compostable material should be taken to the area east of Town near the lagoon.  For toxic waste be sure to utilize the annual toxic waste roundup -- watch for dates in the local newspaper.

Please ensure all items for pick up are separated and are in neat piles next to your regular garbage.  Thank you in advance to all those who choose to participate and help to keep Stavely beautiful and clutter free.  NOTE:  if you are not sure in an item is approved to be picked up or if you have other general questions please contact the Town Office at 403-549-3761 or the Town Shop at 403-549-3944.