Sign Permit

Development – Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Application No.  _______

Important Notice: This application does not permit you to begin this development until such time as a permit has been issued by the Development Authority. Please read carefully the Important Notes at the end of this application.

Applicant Information

Applicant: ____________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________ Telephone No. ____________

Applicant’s Interest if not the registered owner: ______________________________________________

Registered Owner of Land Concerned: _____________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________ Telephone No. ____________

Consent Signatures

I certify that I am the registered owner or that the registered owner(s) of the land described above is aware of this application and the information given on this form is full and complete and is, to the best of my knowledge, a true statement of the facts in relation to the application for a sign.

Date: ____________________ Signed: ______________________________________________


Signed: ______________________________________________

Registered Owner

Property Information

Property Legal Description: ______________________________________________________________

Existing Use: __________________________________________________________________________

Sign Information

TYPE OF WORK:          New Permanent Sign                            Change to Existing Sign                            Temporary Sign

Sign Location (civic address): _____________________________________________________________

Are there any other signs at this location ? Yes                                   No               

If yes, please describe: __________________________________________________________________

Proposed setbacks: (If applicable)

Front ________________ Rear __________________ Sides __________________

Sign Type : Sign Characteristics:

Wall (Fascia) Electrified

Canopy (Awning) Indirect illumination

Sandwich board Internal illumination

Shingle sign Flashing

Roof Sign Animated

Multi-tenant Lettering

Mural Rotating

Portable Other ___________________________

Length of sign: ____________________________________

Height of sign: ____________________________________

Display surface: ____________________________________

Top of sign height:

From grade: _________________________________

Above roof: _________________________________

Sign content (wording/lettering, text, message, graphics):

If the sign is only of temporary use:

How many days will the proposed sign be displayed: ___________________________________


** Please attach a plan drawn to a suitable scale and photographs, if available, illustrating:

Location of all existing signs

Size, height, and other dimensions of the proposed sign(s), including supporting structures

Location of property boundaries of the parcel upon which the proposed sign(s) are to be located

Setbacks from property lines of proposed sign(s) and existing building(s)